Our Story


Day Trip Tahoe was started by Ryan Sung, a first-year student at UC Berkeley, to bring people together through a shared experience.

I was fortunate enough to be taught how to ski and snowboard from an early age. During high school, some of my best memories came from going to the snow with my friends and having fun.

I wanted to make it easier for people to have the same experience, so I created Day Trip Tahoe.

What We Offer YOU:

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Our Service

Here at Day Trip Tahoe, we provide you a premium "Day Trip" to allow you to enjoy a day on the mountain without the usual hassle. Instead of worrying, WE want YOU to focus on having fun with your friends or making new ones!

Why Us?

We have experience with the trip from Berkeley to Palisades Tahoe with a trained driver who is comfortable driving on both the I-80 and CA-89. We deal with all aspects of getting you there and back safely from toll roads to changing weather conditions.

More of a list person? Me too. Here's what we handle:
- Round-Trip Drive totaling about 7-8 hours
- Toll fees on the I-80
- Pick-Up and Drop-Off right in front of the lodge (save your legs for shredding)
- Parking: No need to worry about parking!
- Gear Transportation: We load and unload your gear for you! Bring it the morning of the trip or fill out the link to have us pick it up in advance for you.
- Road/Weather Conditions: We monitor the road and weather conditions closely.
- Refunds: If we deem it unsafe to go up, we will cancel the trip and fully refund you.
- Planning: We coordinate everything so you don't have to!
- Discounts: Call us at (626) 862-7672 to see if we have discounts going
- Collecting Tickets: Sit back and relax in the lobby while we get your tickets for you!
- Advice: I have been skiing for 16+ years and snowboarding for 5+ years. If you need any tips or help getting started, I'm here to help!

About Us

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