Our Dedication to Sustainability

Day Trip Tahoe is a ski bus service that stands out in the transportation industry for its dedication to sustainability. We are deeply committed to 1) reducing our carbon footprint, 2) decreasing traffic congestion, and 3) behaving sustainably. We recognize the significant impact of transportation on the environment and society and is actively taking steps to mitigate these negative impacts.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

By taking up to 56 passengers with only one bus, we help take up to 56 cars off the road with a single trip. This means less air pollution, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and less fossil fuel consumption. This makes a big impact on the environment over time.

See the difference at the bottom of the page:

Less Cars on the Road

Day Trip Tahoe's ski bus service also helps to reduce traffic congestion. Less cars reduces the risk of motor vehicle accidents, which can potentially save lives, making it a safer and more sustainable mode of transportation.

Sustainable Practices

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond its ski bus service. It also incorporates sustainable practices in its operations, including recycling and reducing waste. We ensures that all of our vehicles are well-maintained and use the most fuel-efficient technologies available.

CO2 Emissions by Option

1 FULL bus (55 passengers):

1 bus * 40 gallons * 8.8 = 352 kg of CO2 per day

*CO2 per passenger: 6.4 kg / passenger

11 FULL cars (5 passengers):

11 cars * 17.39 gallons * 8.8 = 1,683 kg of CO2 per day

*CO2 per passenger: 30.6 kg / passenger

55 EMPTY cars (1 passenger):

55 cars * 17.39 gallons * 8.8 = 8,417 kg of CO2 per day

*CO2 per passenger: 153 kg / passenger

Summary: Our ski bus produces 478% less CO2 than 11 cars and 2,391% less CO2 than 55 cars.

We produce the LEAST amount of CO2 per day AND per passenger than driving, making it the greenest way to get there on the roads.

Bus gets
10 mpg
Cars get
23 mpg